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A good $3 dollar wine bar n an Irish pint

Melbourne n St Kilda

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(Quick note - ill add photos later!)

We are staying at an Irish pub called Pint on the Punt where we have got 7 nights. The place has a friendly atmosphere despite being a bit tatty. Our room mates are nice enough, Gerty is pleasant but does like to remind you that breakfast will end in ten mins whilst youre lying in bed with a hangover wishing the world would end...slighty mumsy annoying! And kevin, well he's a funny irish guy who is from Cork therefore we have a very hard job understanding one another, I have to ask him to repeat himself at least 4 times before understanding clicks in...then of course I have a fit of giggles at the silly situation. I think he thinks I'm a bit mad?! The funniest moment tho (and u had to be here so sorry for this) is when he came home slightly drunk n couldnt find his toothbrush, so went downstairs to buy one (from where ive no idea- does an irish bar stock toothbruhes?! Dad, hope youre impressed with oz/irish dentalcare?!), came back n asked to use my toothpaste (obviously none of that for sale). Anyway I stupidly gave him the tube rather than dishing it out and lo and behold the enevitable happened- he squeezed the tube and the biggest blob popped out not only on his toothbrush. He handed me back the tube with splodges of paste all over it, giggling. Sigh...each time I brush my teeth I think of kevins big blob of paste! All good fun tho.
Now I had been told I'd love st kilda cos it's got a street of cake shops on it, and so in my head, I took it literally to mean there was a whole road with each shop being a cake shop. How my heart coped with the dissappointment I'll never know- there were only about 5 cake shops all sellig the same cakes n buns :( and when I had one it cost $6!!! so not worth it... my cakes are better!

Hel had read about a place called 'Lentil as anything' which relied on customers paying whatever they thought the meal was worth or colud afford - very new age and the food was om! We checked out the Sunday Market (street with stalls on all of which a traveller wouldnt buy anything from, bit dissappointed with it) then headed to the beach past Luna park (extortionate rather outdated theme park). We walked along St Kilda pier onto watch the Penguins come home at sunset after a hard das hunting and eating. Luckily we had brought some wine with us for the occassion :-)

We spent Australia Day (26th Jan) in the city- kings domain section of the park where there were food stalls, a parade of allsorts of ethnic grps, a car show, pack dog racing. The Red Arrow equivalents flew over Government House as we ate our kebab sar ie outside, having just been on the tourist trail I side the house and having seen a magic show, where I got to hold the bunny at the end - yey! Mainly because I squeeled like a kid when I saw him bring it out of a side door on a trolly table for his act. Young at heart eh ;)

City explorations so far have been fun - we me up with Lisa our roomie from Bondi and had lunch down this cool lane of eateries, then visited a museum (we are cultured ladies, honest!) then sunbathed on the grass for a bit n had wine down by the Yarra River side (extortionately priced wine) which was rather lovely. My fave bit of exploring Melbourne so far is that I found a $3 wine bar - yummy wine too - which I realise makes me sound like an alcoholic, and despite this implication, I visit it each time I go to the city! Although I am sure Melbourne has more to offer than cheap wine. I just haven't discovered it yet! Certainly not icecream! Hel and I spent a good 2 hrs on her birthday trapsing round the city in search of a nice icecream parlour, but joyless we headed onto our evenin celebrations of wine, Mexican and more wine! We met up with Guy and Emily (who we had met in Newcastle on our Hunter Valley wine tour) and as it was Emilys birthday the following day, we all celebrated together. After the Mexican we happened across the Ice Lounge, yep. You guessed it. A 'freeze your ass of for fun' bar! We either had shorts or skirts on so were definatley gonna freeze... :s but the shot and cocktail helped warm us up along with the warm gear they made us wear, plus the dancing as fast as we could to keep our circulation going- seriously we were in there for an hr and are now on their wall of fame! Check us out! Cool dudes ...

We had to end St Kilda on a high so booked into the Neighhours Trivia night - where we met Karl Kenney! Wahoo! I regressed to a teenager and basically cuddled him for as long as I could (didn't wanna let go) before asking for his autograph (luckily for me I think he found me endearing rather than obsessive)... So now I can say I have hugged the doctor!

And after that there is nothing else I can write that surpasses a Karl Kennedy hug.. Oh wait. I guess there's the Great Ocean Road...

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