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Friday - Journey to Tanah Rata, Cameron highlands.
Did I mention the bus to Tanah Rata is 6 hrs?! I found out after 3 hrs ... I'm currently on the via to Ipoh and they're gonna drop me off at Tapah bus st for me to catch a local bus to the highlands. Woop woop! They stop for at least 20 mins at each Mjr town so they could have cut an hr off the journey time had they wanted too. But it's Malaysia so they aren't bothered...a bus journey is a bus journey no matter how long it takes!

So I got to Tapah, then had an hours wait before catching another bus to Tanah Rata. This bus took 2 hrs! Plus I was so tired by this time I nearly go off the bus 12km too early :s luckiy i double checked with the driver who frantically told me to stay on the bus. It was so funny cos I felt like a real fool once we pulled up to Tanah Rana, a busy street busting with people! Then I waited at the bus stop because my hostel was meant to come meet me but no one turned up. So In the end a chap (young man) who worked at the bus station called the hostel n when no one came ten mins later he gave me a lift to the hostel, for free which was really nice of him.

I am now lying in bed in my dorm room, about to go to sleep. I hope to hike tomo and not get lost?! afterall, I am a geographer ;) ha ha we'll see how well that works out tomo!

Saturday - The hike.
Well, I went to the corner shop, got a 'map' for 3 ringgit, and asked the shop owner if I would be ok doing trail #7 and #8 which had been
recommended by a worker in the hostel I was staying at. She agreed that she thought this would be fine for me and that lots of ppl would
be on the same trails.
Well. It started out fine (as every tale does...), I saw lots of beautiful plants, I saw a snake! And completed trail 7 with no issues. But THEN I took a wrong turning in trail 8, realised, headed back on myself, got back on track and then the RAIN started. And not just any old rain. Bid heavy wet cold raindrops :( and I didnt take my waterproof with me (regret) so looked like a drowned rat upon emerging to the outside world...took a got shower in my clothes to try n clean them, hung them up and then ate dinner with some girls I'd met at the hostel i was staying at- the dorm was a bit like an orphanage layout but meant i made friends :)

The next day I did a morning outing (realising it's not so good to trek in the jungle alone) to the tea plantations (had a cuppa n slice of cake) and lo and behold I saw Michael and Christine, the Germans I'd met in Singapore who it transpired were stayin at my hostel! So we arranged to meet up that eve for dinner.

I headed back to the hostel once the trip had finished to have a well deserved lazy afternoon (I have a bruise on my bottom from falling on my trek). I ended up lazing about the coach trying to plan my next move where I met Jarad from Jordan, a French guy and a Dutch girl. We passed the time chatting til dinner then had (some more) Indian food before heading to the bar to play drinking games with a few additional English guys. It was a good evening and I was sad to leave the next day, to KL.

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