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November 2010

Back at 'KK'

16/10/10 - 19/10/10

sunny 28 °C
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Back home at the beachouse :-)

Sunday - spent day doing nothing and it was great! Last day of taking medication. Went to supermarket briefly and had food, watched tv, relaxed. Slept.

Monday - Liz's birthday (happy birthday Lizzeeee). I slept in, ate, went on Internet, read, ate, called Liz, ate then went out for dinner. Went for a walk along the beach and then went to bed.

Tuesday - had stomach cramps again last night so this morning went to see the kk docs. Got a 11.30 appointment, was seen at 12. Now waiting for medication. Had an injection to stall my stomach (it's in overdrive at the mo aparantly). Gonna get some immodium, charcoal
tablets and was told to eat porridge (yuk!) and soup... Then when feelin better I'm allowed my favoite drink that I discovered out here (after iced Milo) 100plus (electrolyte drink) :D silver lining and all...

Now I have meds, and have been to the supermarket n got porridge drink (quite nice actually, thanks nestle) so have had dinner (peanut butter sandwich followed by porridge drink) and am now sat at airport waiting to see what gate I am boarding at - although there are only 4 to choose from so it seems a tad irrelevant really...I'm sleeepy tired. Plane is meant to land at 11.10 Jakarta time then have to get baggage
etc and meet Whiteley! So I will no longer be a solo traveller :-) for 3 weeks at least ;) it'll be a nice change. I just need to sleep n get over this bug then I'll be on my way to traveldom again... I'm looking forward to it.

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Uncle Tans - Sepilok

14/10/10 - 16/10/10

all seasons in one day 26 °C

Thursday - Had dinner, watched tv, read and prepared bag for trip into the jungle the following afternoon.

Friday - However, the next morning I awoke with stomach cramps, another ear infection and diarrhoea :( I was taken into sandakan to the docs where I got a zillion pills after registering and waiting. Back at the base camp in sepilok, I got medicated up and went to see the ourangutans in the afternoon. I got a refund for the jungle trip since it was looking very unlikely I'd be well enough to go and the jungle camps facilities would be very basic (no showers) so I took the sensible option, despite the dissappointment.

At the ourangutan sanctuary you go down a walkway to the feeding platform. On the way we (I was with an English couple from Uncle Tans) saw a male juvenile playing in the trees. Then on the feeding platform there were two mums with infants feeding on the fruit left there. After ten mins some males came to eat, their presence being made clear by the tussling bushes and treetop movements causing one of the mums left via a rope. I took photos and videos to try n capture the moment I am so inadequatley trying to describe!

It started to rain (downpour) so I got a taxi back to the camp with a Japanese lady staying there too. I felt pants so went back to bed. I spent the evening chatting to a British couple I met at the ourangutan sanctuary, who were wry nice.

Saturday - I got up and booked my bus ticket back to kk, then spent the morning packing my bag ready for the afternoon. The bus came at 2pm and cost 30 ringgit, taking about 6 hrs. As the bus rounded yet another corner (trying to go to the toilet was near impossible so quickly gave that idea up) we stopped off for a break in a small town on the way to Mt Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in SE Asia. The sun was setting as we drove past the mountain, beautiful! Joe from the hostel met me in a pickup van since the bus stop was 8k away from kk city. Priorities back at the hostel after dinner: put my washing on, had a shower n went to bed!

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