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Here is the truth about travelling on your own- it sucks. Airport wise at least. This is from a view point of someone who has been travelling as a pair for a number of yrs! No one to watch your bags when you're in the loo, to save a seat whilst u get food, to stand in the queue whilst u try to decide which choccy u want...but you know what? I survived the toilets, WHS and managed to find a seat once I had my cuppa tea and bagel (bacon mushrooms n sweet chili sauce to get me ready for the spice of Singapore!). So I can survive, just as every other individual on earth does! And life alone doesn't have to suck. I just need to take the time to find out what I want- and do it!

So many people commented on how brave they think I am for travelling alone. To be honest, I don't feel brave, I just try not to think about my entire journey in one go otherwise I feel overwhelmed by it all. But I am excited, and the guidebooks are the best way to spur me on, once I start reading about a place I get so excited to be going there. And I know I'll fit back into the pace of travelling and the mindset that comes with it soon. The UK lifestyle has done me in, I'm once again bothered about fresh clothes, nice hair and western toilets and not sweating! Ok, the sweat I'll always hate but it is inevitable...maybe the arctic will be my next adventure?

Singapore is my first destination. A cosmopolitan city. In other words lots of westerners, taxis, expensive hotels, skyscrapers and a mix of cultures. I'm staying in a district called little India, so that should be interesting. Last minute yesterday I went to Stanfords, (the best map shop in the UK and my favorite shop ever - after Hotel Chocolate) in Covent Garden, to get a flexi-map of Singapore. I highly recommend them for big cities, they're flexible and waterproof (does what it says on the tin, or in this case, name). As a geographer, who loves maps, this makes me feel at home in a big city cos no matter what, I can always direct someone or get myself home (in theory!).

I am sat in the departure lounge waiting to board the mahoosive plane sat outside (Airbus A380 for those plane spotters). I've tried taking photos but can only do so from inside since we'll walk through a tube into the plane (you know what I mean)... I think special people go up top (first and business) then premium economy below at the front and all the rest of us (economy) below everywhere else. I am going to ask to look at the cockpit but have an idea I'll get a big fat NO!

Challenge one: airport survival - complete!

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