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This is it!

(famous last words)

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Well, i may not be famous like Michael Jackson (although what he's most famous for is now debatable), but i have to say "This is it!" because i am off on my own adventure around the globe. This is something i have to do, want to do and am going to do! If i keep thinking those things, this HUGE trip doesnt seem like such a big hill to climb on my own...

Last week
My flights have been officially booked. I booked through STA Travel, primarily a student travel organisation, but they cater for other travellers as well (me included). My itinerary is:

If you can't be bothered to look at the map then i am going to:
Malaysian Penninsular then to Malaysian Borneo
Indonesia - Java, Bali and Lombok
Australisa - Darwin overland to Alice Springs, Cairns overland to Melbourne
New Zeland - Auckland to Auckland via a big circle around both North and South Islands
Santiago, Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have booked my hostel in Little India, Singapore for 3 nights allowing me enough time to have a curry (very important!), hike up the big hill (National Park trails), see a night safari (although already done this in Thailand so not sure if the repeat will be worthwhile) and of course, have a Singapore Sling in Raffles! (mum - it's a cocktail!)

Today finally feels like things are coming together. My Australian visa has been confirmed (after only applying online - for free- on Saturday) so I am excited about that. My e-ticket with all my flight info arrived this morning in my Inbox, so I can stop panicking about being say by my PC waiting for it to arrive! My ticket is printed. I have all the medication I need (inhalers, antihistamine, malaria tables etc) and could now give Boots a run for its money. Wait, Thats where i got most of my stuff from, I'm the one paying their staff wages ha ha. I have been vaccinated again and i'm not sure whats left to have! I must say, the Swine Flu vaccine hurt the most :s Somewhere in all of this busy day i fit in packing (sort of) and watching my nephew have his first swimming lesson (he is a natural!).

Re-packing and lightening the load of my rucksack. I think the plasters were weighing it down (seriously, i have bought 4 packs in total i think - overkill!).

For those of you interested, i am taking:
2 x trousers (one linen, one cotton)
2 x knee length shorts
2 x short shorts (one for beach one to sleep in)
1 x T-shirt (sleep in)
3 x dresses made in Vietnam (they were handy then, they'll be handy again)
2 x eve tops
2 x day tops shoulders covered
2 x day tank tops
1 x long sleeved top
1 x fleece (for travel)
2 x light socks and trainer socks
1 x wool socks
underwear & bakinis (cant forget those)
walking boots
flip flops
first aid kit (i saved you from breaking this down - take what you need or buy it out there)
toiletries (again, i saved you from breaking this down)
mosquito net
cotton sleeping bag liner (amazingly handy)
rapid dry light huge towel
spork (knife, fork, spoon)
fold down cup (its brill)
teabags (can't leave home without them!)
hand wipes
hand gel
pen knife
mosquito spray/plug in stuff
travel wash
ear plugs
head torch + battery

...can you see how i may have over packed?! All 'essential' though for the survival of the Rose. And there will be stuff i have forgotten to list... Hmm prob should weigh my pack...It is 60 litres. And the list didn't include my day sack:
camera stand
spare battery
camera case
travel pillow
travel guides...

now for the final touches before I fly off from Heathrow... prob next communication will be Singapore...see you then!

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